We are OCEANA!

Founded in 2017, by 5 talented Japanese females with decades of combined musical experience, OCEANA is a band that specializes in latin, soul and funk music.

“OCEANA”, which suggests “Ladies who crossed the oceans”, consists of: vocalist Nora from the Grammy-nominated group “Orquesta De La Luz”, and former members of Japanese ladies salsa band “Chica Boom”. 

All the members of OCEANA are currently active in various music scenes across multiples cities in Japan and the United States.

In December 2017, the band performed their first major show in Roppongi, Tokyo as well as recorded the self-titled single “Oceana”.

In May and November of 2018, the band performed in front of sold-out audiences in Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as, released their first album titled “Oceanation”.

With the mixture of Latin, Soul and Funk, the sound is somewhat nostalgic and feminine, but strong; sending messages of courage, hope and love, in Japanese, English and Spanish.


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